To be a premier global company in the oil & gas supply chain industry encompassing floating solutions and regasification to help meeting world's energy demand.


  • Attain excellence in technology to provide quality product each time
  • Attain excellence in operating and maintenance philosophies to facilitate client to Materialize his production plans
  • Set high standards of HSE policies and strict compliance thereof
  • Imbibe culture of ownership among company, stakeholders and employees
  • Innovative employees and inspiring leadership to make workplace interesting and Challenging
  • Continued training to foster excellence

Our Core Values

We will continue to put our best efforts in creating an environment that develops the strengths and enhances the personal and professional abilities of each individual. The important substance of our success is determined by our intense commitment to our business, our operations and our people. This approach has led us to this level of delivery of best product and service experience for our customers and we only expect to improve and fine-tune.

  • CARE - Contribute positivity to the society, a torchbearer of the highest tenets of Health, Safety and Environment and a force of positive change in the communities that we operate in
  • HONEST - Honest and conscientious organization with an 'Open' culture where people come to build lasting and meaningful careers
  • SUSTAINABILE - Sustainable energy future using Tradition, Technology and Talent for excellence in delivering values to customers
  • COMMITMENT - Global benchmark in System Up-time and Operational Excellence
  • INNOVATIVE - Organization that puts a premium on Technological Innovation, Ease of Design and Service Delivery
  • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE - Partner of choice for global exploration and production majors to monetise their Off-shore Oil & Gas acreages in a timely, cost efficient and technologically innovative manner